The Revolution is being Televised!!!

 Final_Logo_RHN_Small2RHN, The Real Hip Hop Network

is a digital media and entertainment company that captures the essence and power of the millennial demographic through the creation of a global digital media entertainment outlet.    RHN brings the best of Real Hip-Hop to your television or mobile devices with just a simple click of your remote control!  We promote the hip hop culture with emphasis on the five elements: MCing, DJing, Break Dancing, Graffiti, and Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.

RHN is distributed currently in the United States, across multiple content distribution platforms including Cable and Satellite Television, IPTV, Mobile Apps, Smart TV’s, GOOGLE TV Gaming Systems and other emerging content delivery platforms.
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The Network has expanded its distribution in the United States via Youtoo™ America cable & FT broadcast distribution (Over 31million households) and The CW Television Network with our flagship show “RHN Presents”,  the show will launch in The CW’s top 20 DMA’s in the winter  of 2016 and will air every Saturday 12:30 – 1:00 pm (Over 40million households).


RHN, The Real Hip Hop Network, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Real Hip Hop Network, Inc. The network’s mission is to challenge the excessive violence, misogyny and negative stereotypes pervasive in hip-hop culture and deliver an intelligent and positive alternative to the hip-hop world.  Our focus is to introduce to the world what “real” hip-hop represents.   RHN.TV reaches the 18-34 demographic with exciting, groundbreaking content, pulling from the 5 elements of hip-hop; Deejaying, Break-dancing, Emceeing, Graffiti and Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.  Our goal is to become the dominate brand in the hip-hop entertainment space.

The Revolution is being Televised!!!

For more information on where you can watch RHN in the United States check the web, call your local cable or satellite provider, or log on to: